Welcome to Clinical Neurophysiology

Dr Adrian J Fowle, FRCP BSc

Consultant, West Surrey Clinical Neurophysiology (St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey and Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey)
Honorary Consultant, Dept of Neurology, Atkinson Morley's Regional Neuroscience Centre, St George's Hospital, London

Need an explanation? See the Quick Introduction to clinical neurophysiology

This web site describes a personal view of clinical neurophysiology from a British perspective. Please read the Site Guide for an explanation of the site's philosophy. The site is evolving - please review the What's New section from time to time for an update. I welcome feedback, suggestions and contributions through the Contact page.

For an "official" site please see the excellent site of the British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology (BSCN). This was re-launched in its third implementation in Autumn 2008.

Finally, this site can be reached from several addresses (variants of the name). You will get the best response from clinicalneurophysiology.org.uk - that's without a hyphen and in the .org not .co subdomain.