Security on this site

Dear Colleagues

The forum system appears to be showing posts to members who should not be able to see them. This is a new problem which I have only noticed today. Please be aware of this whilst I investigate. If you have any concerns, please get in touch.


Adrian Fowle


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Security on this site

Hiya Adrian ,

Thanx for bringing this to our attention. My personal rule of thumb wrt internet communication is that one should assume every word one writes or says in cyberspace is potentially availaible to access for  every person / machine in the world.....if not in the universe. And one should ensure it is appropriate for any audience.

What should not be revealed to any 3rd person , I say or write in a 1 to 1 verbal or written communication.

Perhaps I am more than a wee bit paranoid. But it works. Especially regarding my professional work related material.

warm regards,


Not what I meant

Dear Anand

You have missed the point of my warning.

You are correct that one should exercise judgement and restraint here as elsewhere. There are technical means of hacking sites like mine, I could be subject to legal disclosure and I cannot prevent colleagues from copying restricted content to those it was not intended for. I am paranoid myself about this.

I spend considerable time and effort providing this service in a professional way. In the ordinary course of events if you posted in the "consultants only" group you  could expect it to stay that way. I have noticed that this is no longer reliable. It was this that I was warning of. I have not yet found the cause.



Dr Adrian J Fowle FRCP BSc
Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist

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