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Dear all,

TeleEEG for the Developing World

Dear all,

I run the charity TeleEEG (please see  We try to procure used EEG machines and install them in epilepsy clinics in the Developing world.  We train local staff on recording a basic routine EEG.  These are uploaded to our server where one of our Interpreters will read the EEG and send the report to the referring clinic.

we are desperate for two main things:


Wanted!! Volunteer professional EEG interpreters

TeleEEG is a charitable organisation which offers remote EEG interpretation to the developing world.  We carry out remote EEG interpretations for clinics in Laos, China, India, Nepal and African nations and the service is expanding exponentially.  Our aim is to make a high quality EEG service accessible to patients throughout the developing world.

We are in need of professional EEG interpreters to give a small portion of their time to read EEGs from clinics in the developing world.  This amounts to only a few EEG assignments per week.  

Security on this site

Dear Colleagues

The forum system appears to be showing posts to members who should not be able to see them. This is a new problem which I have only noticed today. Please be aware of this whilst I investigate. If you have any concerns, please get in touch.


Adrian Fowle

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on Radio 4

Thanx a mil,  Abena Oseilah ,  for drawing our attention to the radio 4's high TRP rated  INSIDE HEALTH programme featuring our colleague Dr Jeremy Bland. For those who wish to listen to the excellent commentary by Jeremy ( who in my humble personal opinion , is the unquestioned authority wrt the "clinical " neurophysiology of CTS  in the UK if not in the world ) , here is a direct link to the audio.

warm regards,


Medelec Mistral Headbox

Wanted dead or alive.!

Probably an unknown and to many, a relic now but does anyone know of or have a surplus Medelec Mistral headbox laying around in a junk room?


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Speedy Neurons Make a Run for IT

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I run this website for the love of our specialty and a passion for IT, at some cost in both time and quids. I have avoided commercial sponsorship and I would not dream of taking money for it personally.


My department's new Lead Clinical Physiologist, Sandra Chinyere, has entered us for a charity run in aid of Epilepsy Action. I would be really grateful if you could express your appreciation for this site by contributing at the fund raising page that Sandra has set up:

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