eReaders for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Molly Watt is a plucky and engaging 19yr old with Usher syndrome.  I got to know her through her parents who run a charity for Usher syndrome and my interest was aroused by their idea for a "Kindle bank" and by Molly's artwork.  Usher syndrome causes both deafness and blindness and my department sometimes sees patients who are thought to have it to look for retinitis pigmentosa.

They are an inspiring family. You can see Molly speaking on Youtube and read about her work as an ambassador for Sense. One of the problems faced by patients with Usher and other types of retinitis pigmentosa is access to printed matter.  EReaders can help with this, and the eInk technology used in Kindles, Kobos and Nooks can be better than tablet computers because they have less glare.

Molly's mother, Jane, asks that, if you have old eReaders lying unused, you consider donating them to the Kindle Bank, which loans or gives them to suitable recipients. You can email her at for details of how to do it. Postage is free under the "articles for the blind" scheme.

Thanks for your help