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Welcome to "The Front Line".

One of my intentions in running this site is to improve communication within our specialty. There are other groups on this site for doctors only and the ANS smartgroups cater for discussions between clinical physiologists. One very important area that is lacking at present is a common public forum for medical and non-medical clinicians. I hope that this Group will provide it.

Consultants, medical trainees and all clinical physiologists will be automatically made members of this group, but will have the option of removing themselves. I hope that all will remain however.

Adrian Fowle, 29th May 2009



Dear all,

TeleEEG for the Developing World

Dear all,

I run the charity TeleEEG (please see  We try to procure used EEG machines and install them in epilepsy clinics in the Developing world.  We train local staff on recording a basic routine EEG.  These are uploaded to our server where one of our Interpreters will read the EEG and send the report to the referring clinic.

we are desperate for two main things:


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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on Radio 4

Thanx a mil,  Abena Oseilah ,  for drawing our attention to the radio 4's high TRP rated  INSIDE HEALTH programme featuring our colleague Dr Jeremy Bland. For those who wish to listen to the excellent commentary by Jeremy ( who in my humble personal opinion , is the unquestioned authority wrt the "clinical " neurophysiology of CTS  in the UK if not in the world ) , here is a direct link to the audio.

warm regards,


Medelec Mistral Headbox

Wanted dead or alive.!

Probably an unknown and to many, a relic now but does anyone know of or have a surplus Medelec Mistral headbox laying around in a junk room?


eReaders for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Molly Watt is a plucky and engaging 19yr old with Usher syndrome.  I got to know her through her parents who run a charity for Usher syndrome and my interest was aroused by their idea for a "Kindle bank" and by Molly's artwork.  Usher syndrome causes both deafness and blindness and my department sometimes sees patients who are thought to have it to look for retinitis pigmentosa.

Robin G Willison 1925 - 2012

Dr Robin Gow Willison, formerly Senior Lecturer in Neurology and head of the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology at the National Hospital, Queen Square, died on 18th February 2012.

Synergy Users Group

Dear Colleagues

I have at various times tried to persuade the several commercial owners of the Synergy EMG / EP / IOM machine to set up a discussion forum so that we can share problems. This has not happened.

Coming back on the train from Bristol last week, Arup seemed interested in this idea - so I have hosted it as a start. I am willing to let any doctor or CNP in , as well as employees of Carefusion. It will be a private forum to start with, so other manufacturers cannot "spy" on it. 

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