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I have for some time wanted to create a forum in which clinicians and equipment manufacturers can interact. I am sure there is much we could discuss about the technicalities of signal analysis and the linking
of recording machines to hospital networks, to name two examples.  I doubt this will have a future unless the manufacturers avoid advertising and the clinicians avoid "slagging off" products they dislike.

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Medelec Mistral Headbox

Wanted dead or alive.!

Probably an unknown and to many, a relic now but does anyone know of or have a surplus Medelec Mistral headbox laying around in a junk room?


Data Security Standards for EMG and EEG Recording Machines in transit

There is a risk to data confidentiality when recording machines are exchanged between hospital departments and manufacturers. This has been known about in the corporate IT world for years, but it is perhaps not so familiar in our world. I hope to use this forum to develop a common approach to this problem between clinicians and our equipment manufacturers.With the focus on service quality coming soon to the NHS this is an area for which we need agreed standards.

Problems still arise with many types of data according to a recent survey which was also reported in the national press.

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