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Wanted!! Volunteer professional EEG interpreters

TeleEEG is a charitable organisation which offers remote EEG interpretation to the developing world.  We carry out remote EEG interpretations for clinics in Laos, China, India, Nepal and African nations and the service is expanding exponentially.  Our aim is to make a high quality EEG service accessible to patients throughout the developing world.

We are in need of professional EEG interpreters to give a small portion of their time to read EEGs from clinics in the developing world.  This amounts to only a few EEG assignments per week.  

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on Radio 4

Thanx a mil,  Abena Oseilah ,  for drawing our attention to the radio 4's high TRP rated  INSIDE HEALTH programme featuring our colleague Dr Jeremy Bland. For those who wish to listen to the excellent commentary by Jeremy ( who in my humble personal opinion , is the unquestioned authority wrt the "clinical " neurophysiology of CTS  in the UK if not in the world ) , here is a direct link to the audio.

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Consultant vacancy in Tayside

This fantastic post has just been advertised - please go to the link below for more details

Great job, housing, schools, countryside, links to other centres in Scotland and now there is this survey about what nice people the Scots are - whats not to like! See

for more info -



Festschrift for Professor Roberto Guiloff

You are warmly invited to a Festschrift to mark the retirement of Professor Roberto Guiloff on Friday 17th June 2011. There is no charge for the academic day but lunch will be provided to those who confirm attendance. Details and costs of the evening reception will be sent on request.

ST3 Post in Cardiff

An St3 Post has been advertised in Cardiff.

If you know anyone who might be interested please direct them to

If they would like to speak to local doctors, please call Drs Heath/Thomas/Payne on 02920 743194 excluding Tuesdays for further information.




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