Dear all,

This is another trawl for your kind help to run the charity TeleEEG (please see  We try to procure used EEG machines and install them in epilepsy clinics in the Developing world.  We train local staff on recording a basic routine EEG.  These are uploaded to our server where one of our volunteer Interpreters will read the EEG and send the report to the referring clinic.

we are desperate for two main things:

1.  TeleEEG Interpreters.  We need well experienced Consultant EEG readers to help interpret EEGs from clinics in the developing world.  Some of these EEGs are of dubious quality - hence the need for experienced interpreters.

2.  Any used EEG equipment you may have sitting in the back of your cupboards. This would include bits of equipment as well such as photic stimulators and out of date peripherals.  Sometimes Trusts are good at letting this stuff go to a good cause however others insist on sending old equipment off to auction sites.

if you can help with the above please contact me at:

or see

Thanks for your consideration.