Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on Radio 4

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Thanx a mil,  Abena Oseilah ,  for drawing our attention to the radio 4's high TRP rated  INSIDE HEALTH programme featuring our colleague Dr Jeremy Bland. For those who wish to listen to the excellent commentary by Jeremy ( who in my humble personal opinion , is the unquestioned authority wrt the "clinical " neurophysiology of CTS  in the UK if not in the world ) , here is a direct link to the audio.

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CTS-Radio 4

The relevant bit is between 14 mins & 21 mins into the audio clip.

CTS Radio 4

An expert is not really an expert unless he can explain his subject clearly to a non-expert. Jeremy Bland did that beautifully and I congratulate him on a clear and succinct presentation.

That is my view and that of my wife and other non-medical listeners. They understood what was said.

Well done, Jeremy.

Mike Sedgwick

Thankyou all. The fluency of

Thankyou all. The fluency of the presentation is probably more down to skilful editing by the programme producer Deborah Cohen than any of my doing. I just imagined I was talking to another CTS patient in the clinic.

Jeremy Bland

Jeremy Bland

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