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Dear all,

The next ATCN meeting is on 26th March from 9.30 at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle NE1 4LP.

The meeting will be in the Board Room which is located above the  Peacock Hall entrance coming from Queen Victoria Road.

The provisional programme is.
Time   Topic                                                                                       Speaker
9.30      Coffee/Registration
10.00    Classification and Semiology of sleep disorders.              Dr Paul Reading South Tees
11.00    The investigation of neuromuscular transmission              Dr Peter Fawcett, Newcastle
12.00    Demonstration of RNS and SFEMG.                                Dr Peter Fawcett, Newcastle
13.0            Lunch
14.00    Hearing and the Brain Stem Auditory Response                Dr Nick Kane, Bristol
15.00    The Assessment of Non-Epileptic Attacks                       Dr Aline Russell, Glasgow
16.00    Topics for discussion & Close
Evening A restaurant will be booked

I think this will be a great day and I look forward to seeing you all.

As usual there is no charge and you don't need to book, but I would be grateful if you could let me know you are coming to the day so we can ensure enough food for lunch!!!

I don't know of any good hotels, but if you come acoss a good deal, why not post it on the webste.

See you there,






Hi all.  Looks like a brilliant programme.  See you all there.




Dr Gerard Mullins Consultant Neurophysiologist Beaumont Hospital Dublin 9

ATCN meeting


Looking forward to the meeting. I hope there's a decent turn out. The programme looks interesting.

Gareth, give us a shout if you need a hand booking a restaurant.

re places to stay, could try for info. We tend to use our hotels as a source of food and alcohol so I'm not sure what it's like to actually stay in these places.


Hanny, SpR North-East

Hanny Seow


Was hoping that someone might have suggested a restaurant already - then i can book a hotel within staggering distance of both restaurant and RVI! (although most of the hotels seem to be further NE in Jesmond and i guess the restaurants are all down by the quayside). Any suggestions from the NE contingent?


B&B in Jesmond

I have booked at the Adelphi Hotel - which is one of the nearest B&B in Jesmond, no idea about restaurants!

Adelphi Hotel

63 Fern Ave


NE 2 2QU


Sajjad Ali

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