Clinical Neurophysiology Directory: Departments

UK and Ireland Departments of Clinical Neurophysiology

Townsort icon Title Nickname
Leeds Leeds Leeds
Ipswich Ipswich Department of Clinical Neurophysiology Ipswich
Inverness Inverness Inverness
Hull Hull Hull
Huddersfield Huddersfield Huddersfield
Hereford Hereford Hereford
Haywards Heath Haywards Heath Haywards Heath
Harrogate Harrogate Harrogate
Guildford Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford RSCH
Gloucester Gloucester Gloucester
Glasgow Crosshouse Crosshouse
Glasgow Glasgow (Southe Regional Dept of Clinical Neurophysiology Glasgow (Southe
Glasgow Glasgow Fraser of Allander Neuroscience Unit Glasgow
Glasgow Glasgow Glasgow
Glasgow Glasgow (Royal Glasgow (Royal
Falkirk Falkirk Falkirk
Exeter Exeter Exeter
Edinburgh Edinburgh Dept of Clinical Neurophysiology Edinburgh
Edinburgh Edinburgh EEG Dept Edinburgh
Dundee Dundee Dept of Clinical Neurophysiology Dundee