Clinical Neurophysiology Directory: Departments

UK and Ireland Departments of Clinical Neurophysiology

Town Title Nicknamesort icon
London Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children GOSH
London Hammersmith Hospital Hammersmith
Harrogate Harrogate Harrogate
Haywards Heath Haywards Heath Haywards Heath
Hereford Hereford Hereford
Huddersfield Huddersfield Huddersfield
Hull Hull Hull
London Institute of Child Health ICH
Inverness Inverness Inverness
London Institute of Neurology ION
London Institute of Ophthalmology IOO
London Institute of Psychiatry IOP
Ipswich Ipswich Department of Clinical Neurophysiology Ipswich
London King's College Hospital Kings
Leeds Leeds Leeds
Leeds Leeds Leeds
Leicester Leicester Leicester
Lincoln Lincoln Department of Clinical Neurophysiology Lincoln
Wirral Clatterbridge Hospital Liverpool
Liverpool Royal Liverpool University Hospital Liverpool