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Site Upgrade Complete 23/8/2015

I have completed a series of mini upgrades. The site should be stable now. Please let me know of any issues!

Adrian Fowle (Editor)

Site Upgrade 16th Aug 2015

I am going to introduce a security upgrade soon. This afternoon I performed some preparatory work, moving the site to another server. I am sorry it was down longer than I expected, and I think I cut some users off. 

Apologies for any inconvenience


Adrian Fowle

Email glitch 12th Nov 2011

Apologies to anyone who received duplicate copies of the STP and PTP curriculum messages today. A software "improvement" happened which I had to reverse.

Diary V3

The diary had developed an embarrassing tendency to display incorrect dates, even though the underlying database was correct. This third implementation of an events diary uses software that is easier to maintain and more future proof.

Further beautification and features may follow in time.

Update of Group software

The software that runs the groups and forums is written by a different team to that which writes the software for the email notifications - and they do not always work together.

Today I have upgraded to new versions of each. They are still not perfect but are an improvement on what went before. I have reset the notifications to "1 hour" interval. I think you will find this works best but please feel free to change to something less frequent.

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